• Product code: CCSMCA50


CodeClassClosing system

A x B

 Ext. length

C x D

Cover length

P x P1  

Clear opening


CCSMCA50 1.5 t YES 500 x 500 403 x 403 360 x 360 35

1. Utilized material: SMC/BMC

2. Solidity and resistance:

- fabricated according to EN124

- product contained in the Technical Agreement 003-05 / 290-2013

3. Light and easy to handle:

- fabricated form SMC/BMC material our covers are easy to handle and install

- being light reduces the risk of injuries

4. Resistance to corrosion:

- SMC/BMC is resistant to weather factors, corrosion, do not need paint

- the risk of ignition from sparks over ferrous materials is significantly reduced

- suitable to be used in areas with flammable liquid sources (gas stations)

5. Electric insulation: suitable against voltage dispersion

6. Noise reduction: reduces the noise caused by driving over installed covers

7. Environment protection: in the manufacturing process the emission of CO2 is

considerably reduced compared to cast iron manhole covers

8. Customization: the products can be personalized according to client’s specifications

9. Theft protection: due to special condition for recycling, composite manhole covers

do not present interest for theft (no scrap value)



299.90 lei

450.99 lei